Dr. iur. Andreas Wiget

Attorney-at-Law and Notary public, born 1955
registered in the official register of lawyers and register of notaries public

Languages: German, French, English


  • Studied in Zurich and Montpellier
  • Graduated from the University of Zurich (1979)
  • Assistant at the Legal Department of the University of Zurich (1979–1982)
  • Dissertation “Studien zum französischen Besitzrecht” (1982)
  • Awarded a doctorate by the University of Zurich (1982)
  • Admitted to the bar in St. Gallen (1985)
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies at the University of Lucerne in Liability and Insurance Law (2008)
  • Specialist lawyer SAV for liability and insurance law (2008)
  • Collaborative lawyer clp Schweiz (2011)

Professional Experience

  • ab ovo Court clerk at the District Court of St. Gallen (1983–1984)
  • Employee in the Legal Services of the Canton of St. Gallen Department of Economic Affairs (1984–1987)
  • Self-employed lawyer and notary public, advice and litigation (since 1987)
  • Part-time judge at the Insurance Court of the Canton of St. Gallen (2002–2006)

Practice areas

  • Liability and insurance law
  • Contract law (order contract, service contract, sales contract law)
  • Divorce law
  • Inheritance contracts and execution of wills


  • President of the expert commission of specialists SAV for liability and insurance law
  • Medical Commission of the Schweizerische Ärztekrankenkasse [Swiss Health Insurance Fund for Doctors] (www.saekk.ch)
  • Association of specialists SAV for liability and insurance law (www.versicherungsfachanwalt.ch)
  • Swiss Association for Collaborative Law clp Schweiz (www.clp.ch)
  • Swiss and St. Gallen Bar Association

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