Notarial services

As notaries public we carry out certifications and authentications. Through our notaryship, we can efficiently carry out public certifications which are required for numerous procedures (company formation, estate planning). In particular, we offer notarial services in the following areas:

Certifications in matrimonial and inheritance law

  • Advice, drafting and certification of marriage contracts, inheritance contracts and testamentary dispositions (in the form of a public last will and testament or a holographic will)
  • Advice for the execution of wills and/or undertaking a distribution of estates as well as the acceptance of mandates as estate executors
  • Advice, drafting and certification of health care proxiesAdvice, drafting and certification of decisions under corporate law for stock corporations (AG), partnership corporations and companies with limited liability (GmbH) including but not limited to the following areas:

Certifications in corporate and foundation law

  • Company formation
  • Increase of capital and capital reduction
  • Statute amendments (e.g. transfer of the company’s seat and changes to the company name)
  • Restructuring (merger, split/spin-off and conversion)
  • Dissolution
  • Advice, drafting of certificates and certification of all processes under foundation law (in particular the creation of a foundation and amendments to foundation deeds)
  • Additional support for companies and foundations such as domiciliation, external legal services, postal traffic and secretariat

Further authentication and certifications

  • Certifications (also in English) including but not limited to signatures, copies, translations
  • Advice, drafting and certification of guarantees


Here you will find your contacts for

Marriage contracts
Inheritance contracts
Company foundations (AG, GmbH, etc.)
Relocation of the company seat, changes to the company name
Last wills and testaments
Health care proxies